Tools for verifying and assessing the validity of social media and user-generated content

Hanscom, Donald H., Jr.

By Josh Stearns and Leighton Walter Kille

This post was adapted from VerificationJunkie, a site created by Josh Stearns of the Geraldine R. Dodge
Foundation. @jcstearns

“Interesting if true” is the old line about some tidbit of unverified news. Recast as “Whoa, if true” forthe Twitter age, it allows people to pass on rumors without having to perform even the most basic fact-checking — the equivalent of a whisper over a quick lunch. Working journalists don’t have such luxuries, however, even with the continuous deadlines of a much larger and more competitive media landscape. A cautionary tale was the February 2015 report of the death of billionaire Martin Bouygues… Read more and download the PDF