Ragan’s PR Daily Report: Journalists are ditching the press release

Hanscom, Donald H., Jr.

By Beki Winchel

The press release isn’t dead, but its traditional format is on life support.

Muck Rack and Zeno Group surveyed more than 500 journalists around the world and found that roughly half of journalists around the world (53 percent in the United States and 41 percent outside the U.S.) don’t use press releases to find new story ideas.

The survey also revealed that only 3 percent of journalists globally said that they heavily rely on them.

Sending press releases isn’t entirely a fruitless activity: Twenty-nine percent of U.S.-based reporters and 36 percent of non-U.S. based reporters said they “somewhat” rely on press releases, and 16 percent of journalists globally use press releases but would prefer a different format.

So, how can you pivot from the traditional press release?

Nearly half of reporters (49 percent) said they’d more likely pay attention to a press release if it contained an infographic, and 13 percent said they’d pay attention if a video was featured in a release.

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