JIC Skill Set Assessment Survey

Hanscom, Donald H., Jr.

The Joint Information Center (JIC) is a central location that facilitates operation of the Joint Information System (JIS), where personnel with public information responsibilities perform critical emergency information functions, crisis communications, and public affairs functions. The JIC enhances information coordination, reduces misinformation, and maximizes resources by co-locating public information officers (PIOs) as much as possible.

In a JIC, PIOs have responsibilities to their agencies as well as the JIC. Many PIOs at the tribal, state and local levels perform a function within the JIC while maintaining communications and responsibilities to their agencies. Staffing the JIC with the right skill sets and time management are critical when working in a high-stress environment. Use the JIC SKILL SET ASSESSMENT SURVEY to ensure you’re staffing the JIC with the most qualified team members to effectively manage emergency public information.