Archive: Dec 2019

  • Building Online Trust with the Public

    Building online trust with the public has to include a healthy mix of sunny day topics or non-crisis stories to cement trust in an organization to establish you as “the” source of information for when a crisis is happening in your community. Sarah Joseph is… Read More

  • Add-Ons and Helpful Technology Tools for Media Monitoring

    Kyle Nelson, Senior Dispatcher for Pitkin County, Colorado Regional Emergency Dispatch Center, and information technology guru, talks with Eric Singer about must-have Google Chrome Add-ons for Public Information Officers (PIOs) to assist in media monitoring efforts. Kyle suggestes PIOs include the following tools into… Read More

  • An Assessment of Media Monitoring Skills: What Do PIOs Know and Where Should We Go?

    In this latest research, John K. Silcox with Fairfax County Public Health Department addresses media monitoring skills. John’s research discusses key media monitoring responsibilities of public information officers (PIOs), particularly during crisis or emergency incidents. Monitoring media coverage is more than simply compiling press clippings;… Read More