An Assessment of Media Monitoring Skills: What Do PIOs Know and Where Should We Go?

Eric Singer

In this latest research, John K. Silcox with Fairfax County Public Health Department addresses media monitoring skills. John’s research discusses key media monitoring responsibilities of public information officers (PIOs), particularly during crisis or emergency incidents. Monitoring media coverage is more than simply compiling press clippings; analyzing the coverage for tone, prominence and critical insights into public perception to improve communication strategies requires training and skill development.

A survey (n = 186) was conducted to understand how PIOs assess their own expertise at media monitoring and what tools and training opportunities would improve this critical function of information gathering in a Joint Information Center. Results of the survey, along with key informant interviews, suggest there is a gap in knowledge when it comes to media monitoring analysis that could be addressed by developing formal training, toolkits and templates that could be shared within PIO networks of best practice.

Read more about John’s research and listen to his interview with Eric Singer below.