Got compelling social media video? How Be Ready Utah can help you be Video-Ready

Eric Singer

Free emergency preparedness tips seem like an easy push out to your external stakeholders in your community but things that are free aren’t always gobbled up by consumers. Be Ready Utah Program Manager Wade Matthews is with the Utah Division of Emergency Management. He was Eric Singer’s guest on a Flash Briefing. Matthews says “Be Ready” is more than just a slogan, “It’s our mantra in Utah. Our public outreach campaign is designed to encourage the public to take action towards preparedness. We use a lot of different methods.” Those methods according to Wade include the traditional like public presentations and booths at fairs and printed materials on the Be Ready Utah website. What Wade and his team have found to be the most social media, best bang for the buck is catchy, video public service announcements, “Our Public Information Officer, Joe Dougherty was at home and he put together a short video about a disaster kit that potentially builds itself. He was using stop-action, stop-motion video.” This video received more than 13-thousand views and growing. While Wade’s Be Ready Utah program is more than just a one-man band, public information officer situation,  he believes there are ways around the people-power shortage for your organization which include identifying those in a neighboring department and develop a group to bounce off ideas to identify and develop unique and compelling ideas. Want to listen to more of Eric’s interview with Be Ready Utah’s Wade Matthews? Click on the Mp3 that is below. 

Flash Briefing – Week of February 24th, 2020