The “why” of boosting your online video messaging and the “how” to do it

Eric Singer

During the coronavirus pandemic, your online video messaging skills have to elevate to the next level to keep your public engaged and informed. Online video expert Kerry Shearer made it clear about the “why,” saying: “In my view, nothing communicates heart, humor and humanity like video can.” Shearer is currently using his skills to help the city of West Sacramento push the online envelope and generate compelling coronavirus health messaging. If they haven’t already, he believes public information officers need to get into video, right now: “There is no time like the present to try new things and tell a message and reach out.”

He points to an Easter message he recently produced using stock footage of a bunny rabbit: “We put some text on the screen related to the COVID-19 messaging and that thing took off. We not only used it, but we got more than 62 requests from across the country for unbranded versions of those videos. Video can really have an impact.”

For you to be video-ready, Shearer points to several free downloadable resources for music, sound effects and photos. They include sound collection and the YouTube audio library. If you need free photos, he recommends

For a free audio edit system, Shearer says you may want to access cross-platform favorite Audacity. Shearer adds while “free” is always great, public information officers may also want to step-up to paid video editing platforms for your desktop, laptop and mobile phone; options include iMovie, Adobe Premiere Rush and InShot. “What I tell PIOs is that you’ve invested in your education and that costs a whole lot more than spending money on an app. Buy the app so you have the right tools to do the job effectively. This is the time now.”

Kerry Shearer is an online video expert who can be contacted at I’ve included hyperlinks within the story to his video, music, photo and editing platform suggestions. Thanks for reading and listening. Click on the Mp3 link below to hear my entire interview with Shearer.

Flash Briefing – April 14, 2020