Archive: May 2020

  • Tips and tricks to teach and communicate online

    Get ready to copy and paste some of this vital information to a Word document to help you teach and communicate with internal and external stakeholders. Veteran reporter and journalism professor Brian Rackham from Northern Arizona University was on the PAST Fusion Cell News line… Read More

  • Fresh, new study on coronavirus television news coverage

    “Misinformation During a Pandemic” is a riveting study for public information officers and anyone who wants to read a new wrinkle on how television news coverage impacts viewer behaviors and their health outcomes. This coronavirus-related research paper was co-authored by University of Chicago Economics Professor… Read More

  • Gearing up to use RAPT for crisis messaging

    RAPT is a free tool for public information officers to use in a crisis and can be helpful in a variety of ways. The acronym stands for Resilience Analysis and Planning Tool. This online platform helps information officers create custom maps or images that they… Read More