Public Information Technology & Practice for Smartphones and Tablets Intermediate (PITC400)

Creative, call-to-action crisis and sunny-day video and photo messaging is a must for public information and public affairs officers. This course will enable communicators to tell stories in new and creative ways, presenting a unique opportunity to influence how information is perceived and acted upon. This hands-on workshop is designed to teach participants how to make the most of their smartphones and tablets to capture and share the most effective photos and video possible. The workshop exposes participants to a variety of inexpensive mobile apps (available on Apple and Android platforms) that allow the user to edit and enhance digital imagery on smart devices. Participants focus on capturing, editing and utilizing digital photos and videos for a variety of applications, including social media.

*Maximum participants 14

Go Live“ Livestreaming Technology and Practice” (PITC401)

The evolution and availability of livestreaming technology has made it widely accepted and allows all of us to publish our stories to audiences around the world within moments. This course is designed for public information and public affairs officers and provides the necessary skills to empower practitioners to tell their agency’s story “live” utilizing accessible and low-cost technology. This course includes an introduction to unmanned aerial photography vehicles with live demonstrations. “Going live” is a crucial communication practice to employ when it’s necessary to reach affected communities before, during and after emergencies and when communicating during routine times. Participants learn livestreaming techniques and gain a familiarity with the associated technology and equipment.

*Maximum participants 14

Mapping GIS Tools and Techniques for Public Affairs (PITC402)

This workshop, designed for public safety officials, government communicators and emergency management personnel, offers practical solutions, lessons learned and best practices using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to enhance public messaging. This training provides an introduction to mapping and GIS technology along with an overview of types of mapping and GIS software; offers best practices for enhancing and adding value to public messaging using mapping and GIS software; and uses case studies to provide lessons learned and best practices. Participants will gain hands-on interaction with GIS technology and emerging tools and techniques to add value to emergency public information.

*Maximum participants 25

Podcasts and Smart Technology for Public Information (PITC403)

Today’s digital landscape is ever-expanding and audiences have multiple channels available to receive and consume information. Digital audio files available on the Internet and virtual artificial intelligence assistance have become a popular and a growing means by which people gather information. This workshop, designed for communication professionals, teaches participants how to create podcasts and voice-activated public information using various available and emerging technologies. Attendees will learn how and when to use these channels to communicate timely and accurate public information.

*Maximum participants 20